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Welcome to TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center in Glendale, CA!

Have you been experiencing TMJ pain or wake up feeling exhausted? Pain and exhaustion shouldn’t take over your life and it definitely shouldn’t be a way of life. Through 20 years of extensive training with world renowned TMJ professionals and my own patients’ success, I can provide the diagnosis and treatment you need to live a pain-free life, as well as getting a better night’s sleep.

To help provide the best services possible for my patients I have decided to limit my practice to solely evaluate and treat TMJ related symptoms, as well as sleep apnea. If you suffer from pain in your face or jaw, or if you suffer from snoring or pauses in breathing, there are non-invasive techniques available to help relieve your pain and help you get a better night’s sleep—all while maintaining optimal health.

Here at TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center of Glendale, CA, we offer a variety of services in the following areas:


With our state-of-the-art technology paired with an experienced and passionate staff at TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center in Glendale, CA, we can provide you with the best alternatives to invasive surgery available today.

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“I had no idea that my headaches, back pain and jaw were related. Now I’m able to eat the food I love and am almost headache and backache free! My life is so much better thanks to Dr. Sadeghi.”
Melanie H. | Glendale, CA
“Although I have had jaw problems for years, this time my condition had deteriorated beyond bearable. Soon following the onset of Dr. Sadeghi’s modern treatment, I experienced relief of pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Improvement progressed with treatment and I am grateful for Dr. Sadeghi’s different approach to TMJ and anticipate longlasting relief.”
Dianna S. | Los Angeles, CA
“I was very unhappy with my smile. Dr. Sadeghi established the right bite for me and treated my clicking jaw before proceeding with my dental work. I didn’t know then that it (clicking jaw) was related to my bad bite.”
Jorge O. | Los Angeles, CA

Glendale TMJ Dentist Dr. Pira SadeghiMeet Dr. Pira Sadeghi

Practicing dentistry for more than 20 years, Dr. Sadeghi developed a passion toward helping people in pain, especially those who were suffering from a variety of TMD and sleep apnea related symptoms. To provide the highest level of service to her patients, Dr. Sadeghi has phased out General Dentistry from her practice and now extends her help to patients that are suffering from TMJ related disorders and sleep apnea.  

Dr. Sadeghi started her practice in Northern California in 1987 and later opened her Glendale office in 1997 where she continues to practice today. Dr. Sadeghi has quickly become known as a leading Glendale TMJ and Dental Sleep Medicine Dentist through her training with some of the most prominent TMD and sleep apnea dentists and institutions around.

Explore TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center’s website, complete the health questionnaire and contact us to schedule an evaluation appointment today! You’re one step closer to living a pain free, healthier life!

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