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3 Unexpected Ways to Treat TMJ Pain

If you experience pain in and around your jaw due to TMJ disorders, it can interfere with your daily life. Activities, like speaking, eating, and simply sitting upright, can become painful and cumbersome, and you won’t be able to focus on the things you really care about. Fortunately, there are effective ways to relieve your TMJ pain at home and some of them are a bit unexpected. Explore these proven ways to put an end to your TMJ pain and see ... Read more

Why Snoring is the Third Leading Cause of Divorce

Did you know that more than half of all couples have arguments about snoring? While occasional snoring is normal, frequent snoring can keep your partner from getting their much-needed sleep. The ensuing arguments can take their toll on your relationship, and if neither person is willing to make a change, it can lead to divorce. Sadly, this scenario plays out so often that snoring has become the third most common reason why couples get divorced. Discover why this is and how ... Read more

Improve your Sleep Routine with these 5 Tips

Did you know that sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on your body and overall health? Not getting sufficient rest every night can result in multiple complications and have a significant impact on your daily performance. Simple things like motor skills can become difficult, resulting in unwanted clumsiness. While sleep helps you remain functional and alert throughout the day, sleep deprivation can affect your emotional stability, weight, and even your mental health. Without the proper sleep, your body will constantly fight ... Read more

TMJ Treatment and Today’s Technology

In this article let us look into TMJ treatment technology. Living life with pain and discomfort robs us from living it to the best of our potential - making decisions, getting things done, and moving on with important things become harder and at times a burden. We decided to dig a little deeper about what TMJ/TMD treatment is and what options are available to today’s patients. Most people suffering from TMD have periodic or mild symptoms and with home therapy they may ... Read more

Road Safety: Sleep Apnea Screenings for American Truckers & Railroad Workers

Safety on the roads of this great country is important to everyone driving on them. One topic of discussion gaining the attention of the Federal government nowadays is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and because of the disastrous results it can cause on roads and highways the feds may soon require all commercial truckers, bus drivers, and railroad workers to be screened for this disorder (more on Fox News, Health). Sleep apnea which causes drowsiness while driving increases the risk of car crashes, ... Read more
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