With specialist, Dr. Pira Sadeghi helming our skilled and courteous team, TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center Help is ready to treat Temporomandibular (TMD) / TMJ, identify the source of headaches, Sleep Apnea, or snoring, offer Orthodontics, and address other related disorders.  

Backed with the latest technology at our finger tips such as the JT-3D Jaw Tracker, analyzing airway obstructions via Pharyngometer/Rhinometer, or examining the jaw structure through an iCat, or utilizing other tools such as Energex, we can help you get rid of the pain in your jaw area.

Other options we can offer can be performance mouth wear offering relief and reducing the stress in that particular area of the mouth. Hence non-surgical solutions are available.

If you have ear pain, jaw pain or tenderness, headaches and neck pain, clicking and grating, or popping noises when opening your mouth, make sure you reach out to us and we can schedule an appointment and get to the bottom of it, and start treating the specific area of pain and discomfort.

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