Performance Mouthwear Relaxes Your Jaw and Unlocks Your Athletic Potential

Most performance mouthwear tend to be “boil and bite” pieces of rubber meant to protect the teeth and insides of the mouth from damage, but they do nothing to create jaw joint stability and neurological balance. The use of a “boil and bite” mouth piece creates a guard that is more of a “one size fits all” rather than a unique form for each person.

A properly relaxed jaw balances the entire body, which is where Performance Mouthwear comes into the picture. Known to help athletes improve strength, endurance and reaction time, while playing sports, and reduce stress and impact of blows to the jaw area, performance mouth wear (mouth guard) can also help reduce the damage of teeth clenching. Therefore, dentists recommend its use to their patients.

Hormones, including cortisol (aka stress hormone) are produced during clenching of teeth. Since Performance Mouth wears prevent teeth-clenching, as a result they relieve the pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). By limiting the excessive production of these hormones, and reduced stress, the body tends to function more properly.

A Balanced Body

It has been known for decades that mandibular position affects balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility. For this reason, it is the scientific basis for our treatment of TMJ pain and joint stabilization methods. Performance Mouthwear helps to balance the body through a properly set and relaxed jaw. This allows the head, neck, and shoulders to stay relaxed through a neutral bite position. And meaning your workouts and performances are more powerful and more effective.

These appliances are safe, custom-built appliances for helping  athletes capitalize on every advantage. Best of all, these appliances help relieve TMD pain. Each patient who receives Performance Mouthwear has a thorough TMJ evaluation, including imaging of the jaw, teeth, head, and neck area. Pulsed radio frequencies are placed on the muscles of the jaw and neck for precise measurements.

Call our office today at (818) 240-5888 to schedule your TMJ consultation. Gain relief and a better athletic performance with your Performance Mouthwear appliance.