The latest in TMJ / TMD Technology

The technology at our Glendale dental office is state of the art, and it allows us to go above and beyond, in order to fully and comprehensively diagnose our patients to the best of our abilities. Some of our great devices allow us not only to understand your teeth as they respond to braces and orthodontic care, but we are also able to:

• Understand and Diagnose TMJ dysfunction
• Screen for Snoring, Sleep Apnea, and other Obstructive Airway disorders
• Detect changes in your head, neck and bones in the skull

Our Advanced Technology Devices

1. Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)

TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center works with BioRESEARCH to bring you fast and accurate screening of the TMJs (Temporomandibular joints) with help of the JVA.

JVA is a quick screening test to identify if you have TMJ dysfunction

Joint Vibration helps Dr. Pira Sadeghi and the team detect dysfunction in your Temporomandibular joints.

JVA is a specialized device used to take readings of the noises or vibrations occurring within the jaw joints upon opening and closing movements. The JVA is a simple 1-3 minute, non-invasive test where headphone-like sensors are placed on both jaw joints and the patient is instructed to open and close six times.

2. T-Scan® Computerized Occlusal Analysis

T-Scan helps balance your bite after your braces come off to ensure your bite fits properly!

The T-Scan® Bite Test is a revolutionary device that helps us identify if your bite fits together properly. Rather than just use articulation paper to identify where your teeth come together, we are able to take a recording of your bite from start to finish making sure that your teeth are not hitting too hard in one place.

After your orthodontic care is complete, Dr. Sadeghi and the team will take a T-Scan test to make sure that your teeth and your bite fit together properly, so that you have a lower chance of relapse later on!

3. MLS Dental Laser

TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center is 1 of only 5 Dental offices in the Los Angeles area to use this advanced pain and inflammation therapy laser.
MLS Dental Laser Glendale CA

MLS Laser Therapy will help speed up your Ortho Treatments and can lower the pain you may experience during dental treatments

The MLS dentist laser is considered a “treatment laser” which means that you will not feel the laser energy on your skin. It works by speeding up the healing process at the cellular level to rid your body of inflammation and decrease overall pain. The MLS laser is a great addition to your orthodontic treatment as it can speed up tooth movement and decrease overall pain.

4. Jaw Tracker (JT-3D)

The JT-3D Jaw Tracker allows Dr. Sadeghi and the Team at TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center in greater Los Angeles to more thoroughly identify issues with the craniofacial muscles and TMJs.

The Jaw Tracker fits over the head like a large hat, and our trained staff will attach a small magnet to your lower teeth. The Jaw Tracker will accurately measure the path that your jaw takes during opening, closing, and chewing patterns and helps Dr. Sadeghi identify any abnormalities in your facial muscles and joints.

5. Pharyngometer/Rhinometer

For many patients experience snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, the pharyngometer and rhinometer are acoustic diagnostic devices that allow the team at TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center to identify if your airway is prone to collapse during sleeping.

Dr. Sadeghi can use the acoustic diagnostic testing to examine the health of the airway before, during and after orthodontic treatment. It is well documented in various studies that a compromised nasal airway is a cause of mouth breathing which is a primary cause behind facial growth and orthodontic problems. Our office will take this test to get accurate airway records so we have the ability to recognize these obstructions, and aid in better overall orthodontic care.

Pharyngometer Glendale CA

Pharyngometry testing is a method of advanced technology used at our Glendale Dental Office

Sleep Disorders Dentists use the Pharyngometer to screen patients prior to diagnosis. A narrow airway reading on the Pharyngometer correlates to higher Apnea Hypopnea Indices once the person is diagnosed. After diagnosis the pharyngometer helps to show us how the airway changes in response to mandibular advancement. It has been concluded that the pharyngometer was accurate in ruling out patients who would not benefit from oral appliances 95% of the time.

6. iCAT TMJ Analysis and Airway Assessment

The iCAT system offers our oral healthcare professionals an in-depth, 3D analysis of the critical structures in the jaw area. This imaging system helps us diagnose bone morphology, joint space, and function, as well as exact tooth and bone position, so we can more effectively treat your TMJ or airway issues. The accuracy of this imaging system means you’ll get a more accurate — and effective — treatment.

7. Energex

Another tool in our TMJ treatment repertoire, Energex is a device that pulses radio frequencies into the tissue surrounding your jaw. This is an effective, painless, in-office treatment process that relaxes the jaw joint for proper diagnosis.