Glendale CA Sleep Apnea TreatmentWhen you woke up today, how did you feel? Did you feel well rested, or do you find that you often excessively sleepy during the day? Difficulty staying asleep, attention problems, waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat, and morning headaches are all symptoms of sleep apnea, which is a potentially debilitating condition characterized by shallow or infrequent breathing during sleep. Though this is a medical condition that can cause high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and impaired concentration, it can also be treated by one of our qualified dental professionals.

Those affected by sleep apnea often snore, choke, or gasp during their sleep but have no recollection of it upon waking. In fact, more than 90% of those who have it don’t realize it. At TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center of Glendale, CA, as part of our commitment to your total health, we offer a personalized approach to treating sleep apnea that differs from intrusive medical alternatives such as the CPAP device (continuous positive airway pressure) and surgery.

Oral Appliance Therapy for Relief

As you may already know, the American Sleep Disorder Association endorsed oral appliance therapy as the third currently acceptable treatment modality for snoring and sleep apnea. The largest number of patients who currently suffer from sleep apnea are in the mild to moderate categories and should be treated with oral appliances. Despite the fact that treatment with the CPAP machine is extremely successful, there are a number of patients who cannot or choose not to wear the face mask with the attached air compressor.

For these patients, oral appliances provided by a dentist trained in dental sleep medicine are proving to be an excellent treatment option. There are three types of oral appliance currently available for the treatment of sleep apnea:

  • Soft palatal life appliance
  • Tongue retaining appliance
  • Mandibular repositioner


Many patients today suffer for years because they do not go to the doctor for help. It is understandable that you do not want sleep apnea, but if you do have it, then why not get the help you need from Dr. Pira Sadeghi. If sleep apnea medical alternatives, such as the CPAP machine, aren’t appealing or haven’t worked in the past for you, please call TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center today at (818) 240-5888 and ask how our treatments can help alleviate your condition.

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