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We’re thankful for our patients who have chosen TMJ Help Center as their source for pain relief in Glendale, CA. When it comes to your health it’s important that you are completely comfortable with your health care team. Hearing about other patient experiences can be helpful when deciding on a new doctor. Read what current patients are saying about their experiences at TMJ Help Center You can also read reviews or leave your own comment on any of our pages below.

“I had no idea that my headaches, back pain and jaw were related. Now I’m able to eat the food I love and am almost headache and backache free! My life is so much better thanks to Dr. Sadeghi.”
Melanie H. | Glendale, CA
“Although I have had jaw problems for years, this time my condition had deteriorated beyond bearable. Soon following the onset of Dr. Sadeghi’s modern treatment, I experienced relief of pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Improvement progressed with treatment and I am grateful for Dr. Sadeghi’s different approach to TMJ and anticipate long lasting relief.”
Dianna S. | Los Angeles, CA
“I was very unhappy with my smile. Dr. Sadeghi established the right bite for me and treated my clicking jaw before proceeding with my dental work. I didn’t know then that it (clicking jaw) was related to my bad bite.”
Jorge O. | Los Angeles, CA